poems by Faleeha Hassan


When I entered my apartment

The stairs were lying like tired men after a hard day's work

The door a yawning mouth

My TV was listening intently to the sports newscast


Like a huge fat woman, the couch was sitting on the floor 

Hardly breathing the used air

The curtain tickled the cheek of the window………

Swaying gracefully above

My books slept like babies on the hands of the bookshelves

The dining table was listening to the whispers of her chairs

The lamps were winking at to each other

The fan was busy flailing her arms indifferent

In my apartment

The life looks the same as I left it 

Everything is normal


It is more than normal


No one missed me?




I can’t be an angel

As you requested

The feather I had been saving for the past year

From the slaughtered ducks

The dead chickens

Chopped birds

Boiled doves

Stray storks

The lost flamingos

The slain bluebells

Poisoned peacocks

Imprisoned ostriches

The blind owls

The hanging crows

The drowned seagulls

The storm blew them a way


The innocent face of the gazelle

I stole from the careless hunters

Tt is gone

Right now

You have to accept me

As I am

A human being

Fill off law .




Oh, my god

This poem!

Whenever I try to make her stand on the reality line

She flutters like Marilyn Monroe’s dress in the imaginations of men

I tell her to keep herself on one meaning

But she defies me

While wearing the interpretation mask

And when she tries to describe the battlefield

She is looking for the effects of kisses

On the collars of the soldiers who are tied down in their trenches

With fear and hopelessness

But if they were to be blown up

And their bodies were every where

Her words would be meaningless

For she hiding behind symbolism

She can’t sense the children’s horror from the bombs

And their attempts to huddle against the remnants of destroyed walls

Her cheeks do not hurt

Like mothers’ cheeks dried of their hot tears poured while waiting for deferred letters from their absent sons

She does not take the risk of thinking

So, she can’t believe any truth

She does not pay attention to my damaged life

Which has been crushed by the harsh machine of days

She is trying to make her words beautiful

So, she sprinkles rose water on an erupting volcano

She is too comfortable with death and even praises him

She is summarizing all this loss, darkness, combustion, destruction, chemical weapons. black banners, coffins, skinning , deprivation, orphanages, curfews, warning, sirens, barbed wire, tanks, thrumming of planes, explosions. Murder. blood shed on the side walk, death, ashes, displacement, emptiness, charred bodies, mass graves, coffins, body traps, yelling, sadness, anger, hunger, thirst, vigilance, slapping …. etc.

She summarizes all of this in one ward


While I am, the poet stand in the middle

Watching my body jump from death to death

For nothing

Just to let the poem come

But after all this trouble

She only comes imperfectly





 Faleeha Hassan She is a poet, teacher, editor, writer, playwriter born in Najaf, Iraq, in 1967, who now lives in the United States. Faleeha is the first woman to wrote poetry for children in Iraq. She received her master's degree in Arabic literature, and has now published 24 books. Her poems have been translated into English, Turkmen, Bosevih, Indian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Spain, Korean, Greek ,Serbia ,Albanian , Pakistani and Malayalam language. Ms. Hassan has received many awards in Iraq and throughout the Middle East for her poetry and short stories. Faleeha Hassan has also had her poems and short stories published in a variety of American magazines such as: Philadelphia poets 22, Harbinger Asylum, Brooklyn Rail April2016, Screaming mamas, The Galway Review, Words Without Borders, TXTOBJX, Intranslation, SJ Magazine, Nondoc, Wordgathering , SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, Courier-Post, I am not a Silent Poet, Taos Journal, Inner Child Press, Atlantic City Press, SJ Magazine, Intranslation Magazine, The Guardian, Words Without Borders, Courier-Post, Life and Legends,Wordgathering, SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, Indiana Voice Journal, The Bees Are Dead, IWA, Poetry Soup, Poetry Adelaide Literary Magazine, Philly, The Fountain Magazine, DRYLAND, The Blue Mountain Review, Otoliths, Taos Journal of Poetry and Art, TXTOBJX, DODGING THE RAIN, Poetry Adelaide Literary Magazine, NonDoc Philly, DRYLAND, American Poetry Review, The Fountain Magazine, Uljana Wolf, Arcs, Tiferet and Ice Cream Poetry Anthology, Dryland Los Angeles underground art &writing Magazine , Setu Magazine , Opa Anthology of contemporary, BACOPA Literary Review , Better than Starbucks Magazine , Tweymatikh ZQH Magazine ,TUCK Magazine , Street Light Press, Empty Mirror Magazine , Spider Mirror Journal, Turn A Page Or Two, Within Darkness & Light, RAMINGO Magazine, Pyrokinection magazines, Anapest Journal, NewMyths , Oprah magazine, The Paragon Press ,SIXFLOD ,Our Poetry Archive Magazine , L3 Magazine , ETHOS literary journal, WHERE WORDS MATTER SPILWORDS PRESS , Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World , Alien Buddha Zine#4 , Mama's smile magazine , The Love Poets anthology , The First Class literary magazine , The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, The Word For Peace in Many Languages anthology , Bacopa Literary Review and CONSEQUENCE magazine. 

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