POEMS BY Chinedu Jonathan Ichu
spoils of war -----

am an amputated worn out beating bag of meat

you have spilled my entire ocean all over your gapping sore

I gently lay astride, coiled up in a master-slave vice

again, cajoled into being your lively black faced pantomime

amongst stone cold comrades in sagging camouflage fatigue

in quiet they toss out loose morals and dead cupid liquor

their thoughts have paved runways for pesky flesh flies

that have built a fortress around their nostrils glistering gate

and have pronounced a last thee farewell to the rest of life.@2019



plastic petal -----

candle lite corner piece

your delight is alive tonight

we are no longer prisoner's to this life

I can now admire your bundle of joy

I will feed you full with the warmth of my loving gaze

I will pour out my entire heart into your war goblet

because I have just one confession to make.@2017


coloured bodies----

I know I am ripe for Africa

and Africa is ripe for me

Africa births in pain,

an accessible reservoir full of virgin potholes

that are carved out in conscious fractured circles

I would have loved to become a stenographer

stationed around the costal city of cape town

whose mix of desperate homogenous clientele

are nothing but obese tinsel ornaments decked in business suits

all the while,white washing the protruded horn of sun baked Eritrea.©2019


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