poems by Emile Pinet
A Dagger Driven Deep

You summon dreams to take you
to your private place,
where sanity drifts, unraveling memories.
A deep peace overshadows
feelings of helplessness and conformity.
And you go to a particular place,
where there is an infinite well of stories,
filled with the impetuous of youth,
love, friends, and secret revelations.
Recalling love’s first encounter,
you let that feeling fill your heart
with its magic.
And your thoughts paint a picture
that brings fantasies and wishes alive.
But you’re a flame in a tinder world
fueled by love's fire.
And you conger untethered emotions
for you’re the magician.
But overpowering feelings hold power,
for they can morph
into a magic moment,
or a dagger, driven deep into your heart.

Love Is Hope

Although love is known to be elusive,
every beating heart is out to find it.
For it's the dream that makes life worth living,
but like a glove, it needs a perfect fit.

When it comes down to it, we all seek love,
how else could two hurting hearts get along?
And yet, it may still somehow elude you,
for it won't stay, where it doesn't belong.

It offers pleasures beyond forever,
even though its pursuit can leave you blue.
But there is no reason to whine or fret,
remember that it’s searching for you too.

Love is hope, it is trust, and it is joy,
all the things that are important to you.
And it doesn't matter what you call it,
when it’s real, any endearment will do.

Without love, there could be no happiness,
for that is what love is when it is true.
A feeling lovers willingly die for,
it’s a bond exclusively shared by two.

Anguish For Ratings

A very human touch to a story
with some zip to it.
The media is a heartless leach
to the many unfortunate souls suffering,
amongst the filth and chaos of a city in peril.
War has reduced entire cities to rubble,
people are forced to flee for their lives
and yet, the news cameras focus their lenses
on its bullet-ridden facade for dramatic effect.
A money-hungry machine,
news stations suck every ounce of emotion from a story
without shame.
We expect them to inform us
of worldwide catastrophes and events,
and so, we encourage indiscriminate insensitive
photo-shoots of people’s pain.
It may be a sad addiction, and quite pathetic,
but it’s perfectly acceptable,
to exploit human suffering
in the name of news.
Coverage of childhood trauma, fear, or starvation,
all fall under the doctrine of clean hands.
Reporters inoculate hard hearts from reality’s truths
as homeless, hopeless faces,
cling to life, walking away
from everything they ever loved.
And recording their pain
while it’s still fresh and piercing,
is but an opportunity for the news to shore up falling ratings.

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